TruePresence 2M- Delivery Drone

Is a lightweight Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) designed for rapid deployment and for delivery operations, requiring quick delivery up to 5 Kg payload opto a distance of 10 kms. TruePresence 2M- Delivery is most cost effective and has 8 rotors in X8 configuration, one motor standing by for another given very high reliability. The vehicle can be operated manually or programmed for autonomous operation, utilizing the system’s advanced avionics and precise GPS navigation.

Key features

  • High strength Carbon Fiber airframe with rugged undercarriage and carry box.
  • Military grade autopilot with live position information of the drone on the tab with video recording.
  • 8 x motor configuration for good safety features and visual / aural signatures.
  • Includes One set of battery, high efficiency charger and spare carbon fiber propellers.
  • Robust technical support to ensure lowest possible down time.
  • Foldable Umbrella type design for least footprint for transportation.