About Us

Our Mission is to help our clients Find, Get, and Keep Customers Online.
We can help you generate better leads, increases sales, and boost customer retention.
keep customers coming back for more 

Our specialty is businesses with multiple locations, such as franchises. Our process-oriented approach helps national headquarters provide value to local offices. Because of our experience as a franchise ourselves, we also work very well with agencies and local businesses.

We strive to exceed our clients expectations
We partner to understand your business objectives and explain internet marketing
We craft effective online campaigns that drive profits, maximize return on investment (ROI).
We track those campaigns and follow up regularly to analyze statistics, tweak text and creative, and improve your campaigns

Founded in 2005, by entrepreneur Tom Cunningham, TruePresence was conceived as an internet franchise. We spent three years growing our franchise system to 25 local area owners across the company. Along the way, we learned a thing or two about how to build an online brand for national headquarters and drive leads to multiple local offices.
In 2008, we realized we had something effective in our product mix, procedures, and expertise promoting franchise systems. We have since added a direct sales channel, to begin providing these same successful online marketing services to other franchisors, franchisees, and businesses with multiple locations.
Since our inception, we have helped hundreds of business owners grow their enterprises, build their brands and achieve greater success. We’re Internet marketing professionals with a national profile and a local touch.
Contact us today to learn how we can help your company grow.